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As college admission becomes increasingly complex and competitive, the application process can feel intimidating and overwhelming for even the most savvy of students & parents. Popp & Associates can help navigate the process of finding and gaining acceptance to colleges of choice.


P&A is committed to advising students and families in a sensitive and honest manner with a personalized and custom approach to college counseling. Popp & Associates will guide a client from the first days of ninth grade through graduation and provide families with college counseling support at every stage of a student’s high school career. In addition, P&A can address and support the unique needs of student athletes with specialized athletic counseling services.

Popp & Associates offers flexible scheduling, including evening appointments to accommodate clients’ needs. Clients can purchase services at an hourly rate or choose from a number of comprehensive packages. Families who purchase services for multiple children can obtain additional discounts while receiving the highest level of long-term support.



College Counseling Services

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Athletic Counseling Services

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