As Covid-19 is taking a toll on families in numerous ways, we are here to provide resources and support to help parents and kids stay strong and well during these challenging times. We are pleased to offer 20% off our hourly college counseling services to new and current clients. Please also note the many resources
During late September, the P&A office is bustling. Seniors are feeling busy to say the least as they stretch their limits to accommodate campus visits, college application essay writing, SAT/ACT testing, and much more. The first semester of 12th grade is definitely a stressful time for families. It is during the peak of college application
We are excited to share a podcast featuring Mindy Popp and Lauren Gaggioli, founder of  Higher Scores Test Prep. In the podcast, Mindy and Lauren discuss steps that high school freshmen-juniors can take to maximize their potential for success in the college application process while enjoying a more fulfilling high school experience, personally and academically. We often
Fall holiday decor adorns local malls, peaches and cherries have been replaced by endless varieties of tomatoes and apples at farm stands, flip flops will soon be resigned in favor of Uggs, fall sports practices are back on the calendar….the new school year has definitely arrived! Popp & Associates is excited to help families start