In this month’s newsletter, we are happy to feature an interview with P&A parent, Peg Creonte, whose sons applied to college last fall. She was engaged and supportive throughout the process and gained valuable insight during her family’s 1st experience with the college application process. We are thankful to Peg for taking the time to share
We are excited to announce in our February newsletter that we will be teaching two college counseling classes at Brookline Adult and Community Education this spring! Come meet the P&A college counselors and learn how to successfully navigate the college application and athletic recruitment processes. Classes are open to the public, and high school parents
In recent weeks, I have had numerous conversations with high school juniors and parents about developing thoughtful, balanced college lists. While families often articulate in our meetings that finding the best fit is a priority in the college search process, students’ approach to choosing schools for their college lists does not always support this goal.
The second semester of the school year is here and that means seniors can breathe a little easier now that college applications have been submitted. Juniors on the other hand are just getting started with their college search. This post is for you! Create a College List– With PSAT score reports in hand and 5
Last week, I was sitting with a 12th grade client who attends a local public school, and we discussed her mixed emotions about applying Early Decision. She is a strong student on many levels and is approaching her college search process by asking all the right questions, though in our meeting, I’m not sure she
Fall holiday decor adorns local malls, peaches and cherries have been replaced by endless varieties of tomatoes and apples at farm stands, flip flops will soon be resigned in favor of Uggs, fall sports practices are back on the calendar….the new school year has definitely arrived! Popp & Associates is excited to help families start